CES Transportation Routes

Fri, 08/27/2021 - 1:27pm

The PDF icon CES Bus Routes.pdf information may be helpful for bus riders. It shows the stops and times by bus number for morning and afternoon. Many bus routes/stops are expected to change. Please recheck your child’s transportation prior to the start of school. To find out if your child is a bus rider, please visit https://versatransweb06.tylertech.com/HowardCounty/elinkrp/Students/BasicTransBoundarySearch.aspx 

if your child is a car rider or walker, use the map below to see where to drop-off and pick them up. For car riders, use the River Hill High School entrance and follow the loop around to the Clarksville Elementary School Access Road. During morning drop-off, CES staff will be present to let you know when it is safe to have your child exit the vehicle. Please follow the directions of the CES staff. During pick-up, please place the placard in your window and CES staff will bring your child(ren) to your vehicle. Please stay in your vehicle at all times.